Sunday, June 26, 2011

In My Mailbox ! [03]

In My Mailbox (IMM) is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren and inspired by Alea @ Pop Culture Junkie. Every Sundays I'll post what books I've received. I already did In My Mailbox on my French blog but I'll try to do it here also.

I'm really sorry for not being present on blog this week, I mean at the moment I can't do things like welcoming all the new followers (really thanks a lot, I hope you like my blog and stay after the giveaway), moderating the comments and thanking you all for all your very kind comments. But I've been really really busy. I'm moving, alone, so I had to pack everything, rent a kind of truck, load it and drive all the way (approximately 750 miles) and after that unload all the cardboard. I have taken 10 minutes to write this IMM but that's all, I haven't stopped since Monday but fortunately next week will be calmer.

This week I received a few books, both in English and in French. Below you can find all the English books I received, if you want to see my French books you can go on my French blog here. (It won't be possible to split each week as sometimes I receive only French books, and sometimes only English ones, but I'll try to do it as often as possible).

Happy reading and see you next week :) Feel free to comment and leave links to your IMM posts. I'll try my best to visit on as many as possible tomorrow when I have much more time than today.


  1. Ooooh! Nice mailbox, I have no idea where my copy of shiver is, so my Linger is sat all alone on my bookshelf!

    Happy reading!

    Her's My IMM

  2. Oh ! that's a good idea to read it in english (^-^) I'll think about it ! ^^
    Happy readings too =)

  3. Linger is sitting in my TBR pile.
    Hope you enjoy thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thank you all for your comments :D

    @Jadey! Oh that's really sad :) I've already preordered Forever :D I can't wait. Happy reading

    @Wilhelmina In fact it was because they were cheaper lol :D I hope you like it :D Happy reading

    @Lily I have read Shiver (and loved it) And now I can't wait for Linger. Happy reading!

  5. Je les veux je les veux je les veux je les veux.... ok j'arrête :D
    Non mais ils sont trop beaux !!! Si je peux un jour je me les offre, en plus j'aimerais trop découvrir la superbe plume de Maggie dans sa version originale <3

  6. I absolutely love this series! I finished Forever a few weeks ago. Amazing ending! Enjoy!

  7. Awesome In My Mailbox! Im a new follower! Happy Reading! Check out what is in my Mailbox!!!

  8. Ooh, the Mercy Wolves Trilogy is wonderful! I love Maggie Stiefvater's writing :). Like you, I too have pre-ordered Forever.

    I think it's incredible that you're managing both an English and a French blog!! Not sure I'd ever have the time to do that.

    Happy reading!
    -Christina Reads YA

  9. Thank you so much for your comments :D

    L0raah lool :D j'ai beaucoup aimé en vo :D c'était très fluide et poétique (comment ça je n'aide pas ^^) Je t'avoue que j'avais peur des couleurs des couverture mais en fait ils sont superbes. Par contre j'aimais beaucoup celles de paperback aussi et j'ai longtemps hésité avant les deux lool

    @Kristina ohhh Lucky you! :D I haven't read Linger at the moment but I can't wait and the teaser of Forever sounds really promising :D

    @Laci Crawford Thank you for following me :D I'll be sure to check your IMM! Happy reading :D

    @Christina I've read the first one Shiver and I really loved it I can't wait to read Linger :D Thank you for the blogs it's a lot of work that's true but the English one is really helping me with my English so that's a great thing for me :D Happy reading! And I'll be sure to check your IMM :)

  10. Oh, those covers for Shiver and Linger are so pretty. You're lucky to have those - I have the UK covers and they really aren't as nice.

  11. Thank you TG :D I also love the UK cover. I wanted to order the two versions because I loved them both lol But I made my mind for the hardcover :)


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