Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday : Days Like This

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, originally started by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that highlights upcoming book releases everyone is waiting.

I want to go back to the days when life made sense. The days before our parents became strange; before the warming ate away at all the living things in the world; before The Committee and their Blacktroopers. Before the Wall.

Lily is a prisoner in her own home. Forced to stay inside by The Committee and guarded by their increasingly distant parents, Lily and her brother Daniel are beginning to ask why. Then, when Daniel disappears just before his seventeenth birthday, Lily knows she is next.

She has to escape.
But who else is out there?
And can anyone survive days like this?
Title: Days Like This
Author: Alison Stewart
Publication: 01st August 2011
Publisher: Penguin Australia
300 pages

I've wanted to read this book since I read the summary, it sounds so promising. I really love dystopias since Hunger Games, Delirium and Divergent. And Australia is so far away from France so I think it would be really interesting for me to discover this country in this book. Moreover, nearly all the books I read take place in the US so this one sounds really original and exotic.

My only problem is that I can't preorder it anywhere as, at the moment, it looks as if the rights were only sold for Australia. I've tried Bookdepository and Amazon (either and but it's nowhere to be seen. I really hope it won't be sold only in Australia because I so want to read it.

You can find a short extract here.

Happy reading and see you next week :) Feel free to comment and leave links to your Waiting on Wednesday posts. I'll try my best to visit on as many as possible.


  1. This does look good - also a big fan of dystopians. Shame you cannot get hold of it - hopefully once its released Amazon will have it!

  2. Really interesting! This sounds fresh and dark and awesome. Great pick - I'll be looking for it too!

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  3. Ooh, lovely! And I was about to swear off dystopians too!

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower. You're right, this book does sound interesting - I love dystopias, too. Hope you manage to get a copy.

  5. I haven't run across this one before and I do love a good dystopian novel. I'll be adding this to my TBR. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks! :)

  6. Thank you so much for all your comments :D

    @Amy I hope so but I'm not really sure. I hope Penguin (US) will buy the right :)

    @Cecelia Thank you so much. I'll be sure to check your WOW.

    @Kaye M. Thanks :)

    @TG Thank you so much for following me :D I really hope so :D

    @Dani You're welcome I'm happy to see that you like this WOW :D

  7. This sounds like another great dystopian! Nice choice!

  8. Now THAT sounds awesome. Great pick! :D

  9. Hadn't heard of this but it does sound good! Fingers crossed you manage to get hold of a copy!

  10. Thank you so much for your comments :D

    @Little Miss Becky Thank you :D I'm glad you like it.

    @Alissa Thank you :D I hope it's a great dystopia

    @Alpa I agree :D I can't wait to read it

    @Vicki I really hope so! I so want to read it :D Thank you!


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