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{Review} The Moon and the Tide by Derrolyn Anderson

Just when things seem to be all figured out, Marina discovers that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than she ever imagined. When a terrible accident exposes her secret, she discovers that her whole life has been one big lie, and has to cope with more than one kind of betrayal.

A dangerous enemy arrives on the scene, putting her bravery to the test and forcing her to use all of her new-found talents to protect her family. Will good win out over evil? Can love triumph over jealousy?

Title: The Moon and the Tide {Marina's Tales, book 2}
Author: Derrolyn Anderson
Publication: 2011
Publisher:  Self-Published

This review may be spoilery for the first bookThis book is the second novel of a series written by an indie ebook author Derrolyn Anderson.

My review

I really loved the first book, Between The Land and The Sea - you can find my review here, so I was a bit afraid to be disappointed in this sequel. As often, I get worried for nothing because, once again and as with the first book, I had a wonderful time with this second instalment.

After the prologue, which is full of mysteries and revelations, the pace is perhaps a bit slower than in the first book, but that does not mean that The Moon and the Tide is not totally exciting. Derrolyn Anderson has really a way to keep her reader's attention even when only of few things happen. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but she keeps the reader hooked from the first line to the last. At first, we follow the daily life of Marina and her family: school, surf and much more. Then, the action really accelerates, the plot becomes fast-paced and the twists are numerous.

At the beginning, Ethan is a bit annoying. Indeed, he is quite overprotective. I was a little afraid of the turn taken by the story. But Marina has also her faults, she is quite stubborn, sometimes to the detriment of her own safety, and her decisions are not always very wise. Fortunately things changed and are explained rather quickly and I totally enjoyed following their new adventures. The reader feels really close to Ethan and Marina, and close to all the characters in fact. They are so well-described that it's a bit like if we knew them. All of them are credible and believable and it was very easy for me to relate to them.

Derrolyn Anderson's writing is once again delightful to read. In fact, it's kind of magical, she manages to totally draw and mesmerize the reader. The descriptions are precise and they are never boring. Thanks to this book; and as with the previous one, I travelled to the Californian coast and to Greece. Feelings, as jalousy, love, sadness and pain - to name just a few - are also very well-described. The author really writes in a unique and fantastic way, I do not know how to describe it, but it totally captivated me.

Once more, some aspects are a bit predictable, especially due to the epilogue of the first book and the prologue of The Moon and The Tide, but it was nonetheless an awesome and entertaining read. There are still a lot of twists and action, and it's really pleasant for the reader. I had a few surprises and the plot is fast-paced, especially in the second half of the book.

To sum up, I utterly loved this second instalment, which is, once more, captivating, full of action and twists. If you loved the first book you won't be disappointed at all in this sequel. It's really as excellent as the first. The author's writing is still totally fantastic, the atmosphere is awesome and the characters are endearing. I never would have thought that I would be as interested in this series, but I'm now really looking forward to reading the third book, as I already miss the characters and the atmosphere. The Moon and The Tide is, as the previous one, a cute romance, enthralling and full of mysteries.

It seems that Derrolyn Anderson may certainly need a fourth book, and perhaps a fifth, in order to end the adventures of her characters. She expects the third book to be ready by the end of the summer 2011.

This book was provided to me by Derrolyn Anderson for my honest review. Thank you so much.

You can find this ebook on, Barnes&Nobles or Smashwords for instance for only 2.99$.

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