Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A quick note about covers, or should I say matching covers?

Why did I decide to write this post? Because I saw this :

Pandemonium {Delirium, book 2} by Lauren Oliver

Yeah! I totally agree, it's a really lovely cover, I find it gorgeous and awesome, I love the colors, the girl and all. If this has been the cover of a stand-alone novel, I probably would have beamed. I agree it's an utterly magnificent cover. But.. you see.. my previous book was...er.. Let me remember.. Oh, right, like this!!

So it's quite obvious uh huh... those two books don't match! At all. And you know what? Oh that's because, you see, Pandemonium's cover matches with the special edition of Delirium.. See how lovely they are together..

Perhaps I'm kind of a freak with my books. Some people will think I'm definitively crazy because, that's right, I love them all together, lined up in my bookshelves, in mint condition, with matching covers and editions. So now I have to make a choice: either I agree to have covers that don't match or I have to buy Delirium again, as if books weren't shockingly expensive enough. Oh, and you know why I'm especially angry? Because my Delirium copy was signed, yeah as in: I live in France and was lucky enough to get my copy signed when Lauren Oliver came here, which perhaps won't be possible next time.

And it's not the first time. It was the same thing with the UK edition of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. The first five books were.. black and then suddenly they decided that the sixth would be red.. Yeah, as if I had the money to buy again FIVE books.
The first five books

The whole series in red with the last one, Last Sacrifice, ONLY available in red

And Vampire Academy is not the only series... It also happened, again *sigh*, with Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.

Previous covers for the hardcover books: Nighsthade {book 1} and Wolfsbane {book 2} (this cover was never ever released)

New covers for the hardcovers: Nightshade book 1 (I haven't seen this one sold anywhere at the moment), Wolfsbane {book 2}, Bloodrose {book 3}

Now I'm pissed off and I really feel cheated. Personally, I feel used, I feel like a cash cow and not respected at all. I'm sure this post won't be read by any publisher, but seriously, I feel as if they didn't care about their readers' feelings. I buy books as soon as they are released, I often preordered them, because if the sales are high enough the series may be longer, or the rights for the author's next book may be bought more easily and it may come out sooner. But now I'm seriously thinking about not buying a single book if the whole series has not been released.

I'm really not against covers' changes, if they are made ONCE the whole series has been released, or if the two versions are available, so the reader can choose if he wants the new one or not. My point is please, let the reader choose!

And you? What are you thinking? Do you like when covers match? Or perhaps you don't care at all?


  1. Wow! I totally agree with you! Why are they doing this seriously?! My Pandemonium copy will not match my Delirium one and I'm pissed. They should make two versions available.

  2. I prefer my covers to match just like any other person who's purchased the novels. They can lie and tell you they don't care but come on, they totally do. Who wouldn't?

    It's discouraging that the publishers are continuously changing the cover art. It's not exactly fair for those who purchased the first edition.

    I do think this will affect sales in the future. More people are now wanting to wait later to purchase the novels rather than closer to the release date. I might end up doing the same soon.

  3. I love when covers match, it looks perfect. ♥ Um, you can buy new delirium and me the signed one. ^^ :DD

  4. I hate, hate, hate when the covers don't match. I totally understand where you are coming from! I've bought books twice so the covers would match

  5. Btw, new cover for Wolfsbane is really terrible. But, in our country cover looks like this: http://www.martinus.sk/data/tovar/_l/100/l100474.jpg which is amazing... But I'm gonna get it only from library, so it doesn't really matter for me.

  6. I totally agree. I went crazy when I got City of Bones, Ashes and Glass by Cassandra Clare in paperback and Fallen Angels in hardback, but I'm also crazy about covers when they don't match!

  7. I feel like they are trying to force me to buy the special edition. Ugh! (>_<)

    Why, oh why didn't they take the 1st Delirium cover, made it shiny and orange, snaped a pic of the same girl only this time with a different expression on her face and changed te title to Pandemonium?

  8. Hey :D Thank you so so much for all your comments! That's so sweet of you :D I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one :D I'm a bit reassured now lol I'm not that crazy :) *hugs*

    @NeuroHormone I couldn't agree more. I was so pissed off yesterday when I saw this. And I remember last November when they announced the red cover for Vampire Academy I went mad lol :D

    @Mocha Thank you so so much :D My husband doesn't care lol, when I show him the cover he just shrugged lol but it's because he doesn't like books as I like them. I think he thinks I'm a bit "crazy" with all my books lol. But I totally agree with you about the sales. Hey, they are complaining because hardcovers' sales are dropping, but who read hardcovers now? People who really love their books, people like us, who are pissed off when they change cover art. So I'm not sure it will help the sales :D

    @Nellie errr. I'm sorry but I really can't :( I so love it and Lauren signed it to my name. I hope she comes to Slovakia for you (oh you know the ^^ smiley, Amy Plum was surprised because us, French people, we use it all the time on twitter but apparently it's not well known in the US :D It's hard for me not to use it lol) It's true your cover of Wolfbane is amazing! It looks like the first version (I so loved this version, I was really disappointed when they changed it)

    @Kristina I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who have bought books twice :) But I couldn't afford with Vampire Academy (and I didn't like the red ones) I was so disappointed :(

    @Jadey! Thank you :D I can't stand either to have hardcovers/paperbacks. I ordered a wrong copy of the sixth book of Mercy Thompson which was taller than my other ones I was so angry of myself lol :D

  9. @FreakChiq Hey thank you so much for your comment :) I was answering the others so I'd not seen yours :D

    I've got the same impression and it's really irritating :( I don't like to be forced buying something. And I totally agree with you, they should have done that :D

    I'm really curious about the French version. The cover for Delirium was the same, but in black instead of blue so I'm curious to see if they will keep HarperTeen Pandemonium's cover or change it (as we don't have a special edition)

  10. I could't agree more with you (gonna link it to my blog's Facebook page). I'm from Slovakia (as well as Nellie), and I'm really curious what they are going to do with the cover of Bloodrose (Nightshade 3), because they have simply used the first covers, and there's no original cover for the third book... I'm kinda afraid, our slovak covers are usually pretty horrible :)

  11. I definitely agree. There's no need for it. With I Am Number four, I saw at least 5 different covers aftter only a few months of it being released. And it seems that the sequel doesn't match any of them!

    Where She Went by Gayle Forman too: the cover of If I Stay that matches it wasn't released until after WSW!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  12. I totaly understand you. I hate when my book aren't the same style. In my country they decided to make theyr own cover of City of bones. It is horible. http://www.kniha.cz/fotocache/bigorig/9788020419095_1.jpg
    But other two books in serie are with original pictures. But I'd rather buy new book then book I one have.

  13. I hate having books in a series that are different editions. I have a pile next to my bookshelf of about 20 or more books that I refuse to put on my bookshelf because they are either the wrong edition or they arn't in perfect (or close to) condition. I don't have the money to replace them all so I'm going at it slowly.

    I didn't have the money at the time to buy the blue cover of Delirium so I've just recently pre-ordered the special edition so thankfully I'm not in the same predicament as you but I completely agree with your anger at all the changes. I've also lucked out on the Nightshade and wolfsbane cover because I ordered a different edition of Nightshade to any of the above ones and there is a matching edition of wolfsbane (havn't checked for bloodrose). I did have to rebuy Vampire Academy 2 because I had a different edition.

    But its not just the editions though either. I hate having books in the same series that while they might have the same cover, are completely different sizes. So many problems...

  14. Thank you so, so much for all your comments :D I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one lol :D

    @Luu thank you so much for sharing on your Facebook page, that's really sweet of you :D I hope the cover of Bloodrose will be great, I hope they won't simply use the US one :( because that would be awful with the two others :( * cross my finger for you ;) *

    @ComaCalm oh yeah I had forgotten I'm Number Four lol :D I didn't know for Where She Went as I read the book in French (Where She Went came out early here, in November) but I'll check to see what they did with those novels :D Thanks!

    @Misha oh :( I'm sorry, but it's really really awful! Gosh :( Thanks for sharing :D And I'm like you I prefer buying new books :D Here in French they decided to publish the series again with the Italian covers (http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc181/shadowhunterCC/italianbonesnew.jpg) I really don't like them, I'm happy I have bought the US hardcovers

    @Gabbie Lucky you for Delirium :D I'm also doing it slowly :D As for the Vampire Academy I'll probably buy them again in hardcover one by one :D But I totally understand for the different editions and condition :D

  15. I totally agree with you ! Especially I find the first covers of VA most beautiful than the red ones !

  16. Thank you Lulinette for your comment :D I don't like the red ones either. :( I hope Black Moon won't change the French cover of Pandemonium, I cross my fingers for you :D


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