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Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros

Abigail Donovan has a lot of stuff she should be doing. Namely writing her next novel. A bestselling author who is still recovering from a near Pulitzer Prize win and the heady success that follows Oprah’s stamp of approval, she is stuck at Chapter Five and losing confidence daily. But when her publicist signs her up for a Twitter account, she’s intrigued. What’s all the fuss?

Taken under the wing of one of her Twitter followers, “MarkBaynard"—a quick witted, quick-typing professor on sabbatical—Abby finds it easy to put words out into the world 140 characters at a time. And once she gets a handle on tweets, retweets, direct messages, hashtags, and trends, she starts to feel unblocked in writing and in life.

Title: Goodnight Tweetheart
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Publication: 11th January 2011
Publisher: Gallery
222 pages

My review

As a major user of Twitter, I was really intrigued by this short book. I must say that Teresa Medeiros offers us an uncommon, innovative and totally original story. This book is built mostly in the form of tweets and DMs (direct messages). I was really curious to see how Goodnight Tweetheart could offer a true story based only upon tweets and DM but it really does. It's a well-constructed book, funny, entertaining and sometimes moving. I do not think that it is absolutely necessary to be a user of this social network to enjoy this book because, as Abby, the reader who is unfamiliar with Twitter will learn how to use it step-by-step.

The characters are endearing, either Abby or Mark, and I easily dive into the universe of this book. Their story is cute, compelling and the reader is really curious about the next step. I must admit that I was extremely surprised by a rather unexpected and surprising twist in the middle of the book. It's really easy to relate to the characters, we gradually learn to know them and like them, with their strengths and theirs weaknesses.

References to movies, books or music are very numerous and are very nicely scattered throughout the story, and in our two characters' DMs. There is a lot of humor, especially in the first half of the plot. The two characters share the same kind of wit and their dialogues are often very funny.

The plot is fast-paced, the passages between the story and the tweets are relatively well-balanced and perfectly done. I was not bored for a second and read it quite fast as I was eager to discover the rest of the story. There are funny and amusing aspects, but Terese Medeiros also copes with topics a bit more serious. However, the story always remains entertaining, captivating and it's always done with great elegance.

To sum up, Goodnight Tweetheart is an entertaining read, really original and sometimes moving. I enjoyed this book, which is quite short, but nonetheless very well-built and developed. I read it quite quickly as I really want to know the end. Teresa Medeiros perfectly uses social networks and I totally liked this aspect of the story. Twitter is staged in a very enjoyable way. This book is also a bit deeper than expected, especially in the second half.

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  1. Je connaissais pas du tout ! C'est intriguant ^^ et ça a l'air pas mal :)


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